Bjergsen talks the rise of LEC and LCS, gives advice to LCK mid laners | Ashley Kang

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Bjergsen talks the rise of LEC and LCS, gives advice to LCK mid laners | Ashley Kang

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Mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg of Team SoloMid has just completed his first day of Rift Rivals. In an interview with Ashley Kang, he gives his thoughts on the source of Europe’s success, confidence in draft and play, the transition to a more skirmish styled meta, the results of this meta at international tournaments, and who he’d like to face from the LCK.


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43 Responses

  1. Source says:


  2. T1 says:

    dont be a stupid. he gives adviced because he was ask to give an adviced. lul. so many salty people here.

  3. Tao X says:

    a group stage region gives advice to top region mid laners???I really have no idea where NA's "confidence" is from…

  4. LA Woman says:

    Travis gafford

  5. tobias petris says:

    why is bjergsen giving advice to LCK midlaners lol

  6. jorgelenny47 says:

    If we define "beat" as getting through a certain group, considering you "beat" the teams that didn't get through said group, winning a bo5 or winning RR, Na from january 2017 till now, has only beaten eu in RR 2017 and c9 surpassing vitality in worlds 2018. I mean… Thats not good

  7. jorgelenny47 says:

    Excuse me? When was an lcs rise? Which year is this? Was I frozen and sent to the future?

  8. Sax3r28 says:

    Lmao what? LCK at its worst is nowhere as bad as NA, and he wanna give advices? smh

  9. Abdelkarim Boutamany says:

    gives advice ? XD

  10. mrzoro105 says:

    Bjergsen gives advice to LCK midlaners? Lul

  11. III BAKURYU III says:

    NA is the land of the free…………… got that right. Stay free NA, stay free

  12. AlMoStLeGeNdArY says:

    New meta sucks. It's not fun watching pros ARAM and play team deathmatch mid lane.

  13. Glauaiv says:

    Washed up pro that got stuck in groups every time he got to the world stage gives advice?

  14. Risouso says:

    Rise of the LCS? lol

  15. Cahrl Lööw says:


  16. rara says:

    Bjergsen needs a new af bad

  17. Daniel Barrett says:

    Rise of the LCS? xd

  18. Matthew Barnwell says:

    Ashley looking like a snack

  19. HaoLiang Tan says:

    Bjergsen and Caps are the only two mids in the west who can fight against mids from the East.

  20. applepie Boer says:

    Advice to lck midlaners? Ok

  21. カカシ says:

    As if any LCK mid cares what he has to say literally done nothing at worlds or msi but get clapped by real mids.

  22. Manu says:

    Korizon is at the EU/NA Rift Rivals?!?!?!?! WTF? oO
    That has to mean, the gap is actually gone! EU is offically the best(or 2nd best) region in the world! xD

  23. Maddo Scientisto says:

    lovely interview as always Ashley, keep it up!

  24. Omni says:

    yet they practice in Korean Server lols

  25. G J says:

    Wait wait wait. How did I missed this channel until today?

  26. Charlie Casilla says:

    G2 Coach even rated FunPlus Phoenix higher than them that’s crazy

  27. n0mjaS says:

    Bjergsen should escape NA and come back to Europe. that would be exciting

  28. Saddurn says:

    Very happy with the more analytical and discussion based direction of this interview. It's very refreshing to see something on the more serious side in a sea of casual interviews.

  29. Elliott Watkins says:

    Really enjoying the LCK centric questions. Feel like it's both appropriate to explore at this point and super interesting too.

  30. Alex Dolmatov says:

    Chovy is a GOD

  31. NiyaCathrel says:

    I really like Bjergsen in this interview. You two have great synergy!

  32. Cactus Hong says:

    Ilysm Bjergsen! Great interview Ashley!

  33. Great B says:

    It’s more of the rise of the LEC and LPL and the fall of the LCK while the LCS just stays the same tbh..

  34. Man Came From Mars says:

    Relax LPL will still win worlds this year LoL

  35. Sweetgums says:

    NA needs more interviews like this.

  36. Rstm Rstm says:

    Chovy and bdd >faker dog shit

  37. Pyridius says:

    Originally I was one of the people who thought coming for Rift Rivals may not be a good decision, but I have to say I always enjoy watching your content!

  38. Cargo Bike says:

    NA Won against IG one single time were they played on their best and IG just trolled. NA sucks

  39. AUT Kenny says:

    Love your interviews!

  40. Mercury says:

    Bjergsen come to eu, win worlds then come back to tsm, then you have proved everything you wanted and you are one of the greats

  41. Aysei says:

    The gap is closing, just not between NA and the rest

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