Best PubG Mobile Controller 2019? | Flydigi Wasp 2

Reviewing the Flydigi Wasp 2, a smartphone game controller for iOS and Android which is ideal for PubG Mobile, Fortnite and other mobile shooters.

UPDATE: Flydigi has now updated its Android app, and all is working perfectly – you can see my full test and re-review here:

The Wasp 2 is a 2019 update of the original joypad, offering a new rear trigger, improved grip and support for both iPhones and Android devices. However, while this controller worked perfectly on PubG with my iPhone XR, I couldn’t get it setup properly on the Pixel 3A or OnePlus 7 Pro. I’ll keep on trying, but right now I can only recommend this accessory for iOS users.

The combination of physical buttons and touchscreen controls really gives you an advantage with PubG Mobile – you can effortlessly strafe and run and gun, with perfect precision. Meanwhile the Wasp 2’s new ergonomic design makes it comfortable to clutch for extended periods. Battery life is also solid – I’ve been gaming for a few hours and haven’t had to recharge once.

So if you’re after an iPhone game controller to give you an advantage over the competition, this gets a big thumbs up. If you manage to get it working with Android, please let me know how down below!

Link to purchase the Wasp 2:


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50 thoughts on “Best PubG Mobile Controller 2019? | Flydigi Wasp 2

  1. Flydigi has updated its Android app for the Wasp 2 so I've gone back and tested with the OnePlus 7 Pro and a couple of other smartphones. Here's my updated review for Android:

  2. Why would you still make these video's you know this is going to geth you banned.
    Maybe youre lucky for a few days but eventualy this gets you banned.

  3. Common it's work In Android and iPhone I just tried that before five minutes .. And the way you using in PUBG you are not running you should know how to make the options

  4. I just have one question…1st gen of this controller didn't need bluetooth or any 3rd party client for using the wasp…Does the 2nd gen uses client and bluetooth connection? Because, if it uses, than your pubg acc can be banned…1st gen was good because controls had CapAir Mapping, so no need for a software or bluetooth…so pubg have no way of detecting what are you using.

  5. By using this you risk getting your account banned. It's better to just use clipped on capacitive shoulder buttons. They're way cheaper and impossible to detect because they don't need to be paired with your phone and work via an app. And they still get me some easy chicken dinners every gad damn time.

  6. hi,We have launched a new product for hand tour, you can turn the phone screen into a large screen, and can also connect the keyboard mouse, I hope you can see our video, thank you.

  7. Why can't they just make a full controller that clamps on to both ends of the phone, rather than just one side? This method of attachment is much better than the rest of the telescopic controllers. Maybe Microsoft will be able to do so.

  8. Forget all the BT controllers, I mostly play w/o any controller and still do well. Are times I feel like whipping out my trigger controller, it's better in my opinion, but I play on a Galaxy S10+ (I have to take off my Mous case or Rhinoshield case since I switch from both time to time). The reason why a case won't work is fitment. The fit is extremely tight with a case on or it won't even fit at all as well as it scratching your screen protector. Btw, the factory installed screen protectors are trash, so I use one from IQ Shield.

  9. Ни один контроллер не будет работать в pubg mobile.не покупайте их никогда

  10. i want to clear one thing up to the people in the comment section i just got the G6 gaming controller in july i been playing with it and i did not get banned i also am using a gfx tool if they were still banning people they would have banned me as soon as i connected it so please to telling people false information

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