Best 3D Yet? Avengers Endgame 3D Bluray Review

Here we go with my 3D Bluray Review of Avengers Endgame. This is an audio review but I’ll get in front of the camera again soon.
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27 thoughts on “Best 3D Yet? Avengers Endgame 3D Bluray Review

  1. And yet like Infinity War, they skipped an IMAX ratio. It a shame for Disney not releasing on home media with an IMAX ratio.

  2. 3D is still an awesome format, if used right and a proper conversion is done! Dare I say, some 3D releases look better than the 4K counterpart releases!! Sad that North American studios is denying these releases to its minor, yet loyal 3D consumer base!

  3. Here we bloody go again!
    If LG or some company would make their new release TV with all the Bells and stuff INCLUDING PASSIVE 3D it would sell like hot cakes, seriously!
    Why can't just 1 TV company do this?
    The Salesman I speak to from JBHIFI, (that's like Best Buy overseas I think), plus other AV stores all agree with me because customers are asking the same thing!

  4. Brass,

    You're a class act my dude! But You already know.

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for adding in that bit at the 1 minute mark, mentioning you assumed everyone had seen the film. This allowed me to stop the video to avoid spoilers. So many channels, including big companies like crappy IGN, insert spoilers out of the blue with no warning and you're just screwed. Not Brass my friend. I knew if I clicked on your video, I'd be safe. You always got a fan's back!

    I should be getting my copy mid September, I had to import it from the UK (no US 3D release), but I'll come back to this video to see what you thought after I see it.

    So glad to have the 3D Maverick back!


  5. Nice…thanks for that 🙂 I typically go for the 4K and wait for the 3d version to drop in price, but I think I'll head straight for the 3D version in this bitch 😀

  6. Thank you sir! My copy is on its way 😊 Still disappointed about the quality of the 4K media release. I could have just been happy with a digital download… But it sounds like the 3D is reference quality!

    Still hoping for a re-release of an IMAXX version….. just take my money LOL

  7. Great review, Brass!
    Was holding out on the 4k version of this title hoping the 3d would come in clutch. Guessss what? It's a definite buy for me.
    Glad I was able to get my 4k/3d Lg Oled C6 when I did, now i get to enjoy both worlds without having two separate TVs.

  8. Thanks mate another top notch review, but I already know your review was going to be kick ass. It's too bad Disney killed off the Marvel 3D Blu Rays where I live so I had to pre-order from Zavvi which costed me more $$$. But after seeing your review I am happy I pulled the trigger. Can't wait to get it!

  9. Can't wait to watch this on my 75 inch 3D TV , Also Edge of Tomorrow looks Gaaaawwwwdaammn good in 3D , Tom Cruise was jumping out my screen & he told Me , Run ..Run…& I asked why ? & Tom says , Cause Everybody RUNS 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  10. I saw it on IMAX 3D back in the theater and it was pretty good, and I'm not the biggest fan of 3D. Good to know that carried over to the home release.

  11. I wasnt to happy with 4k version over baked hdr on some scenes and some 4k crispy scenes, all over the place so i can't wait to get this.

  12. Definitely getting this in 3D Brass! I more often than not go with 3D over UHD Bluray when there's an option between the 2. Can't wait to see Endgame on the Sony XBR65Z9D! I just watched Transformers: Age of Extinction for the first time today and I've gotta say it's by far the best 3D bluray I've ever seen. The IMAX Scenes in 1.90:1 and 2:1 aspect ratio were a sight to behold and about 50% of the movie was IMAX Scenes, GAWD DAMN! Btw you still using your JS9500 for 3D? That's still a badass display.

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