Best 2019 Budget Laptop? Acer Aspire 5 with AMD Ryzen Review – A515-43-R19L

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Acer’s AMD Ryzen powered Aspire 5 delivers a lot: a 15″ 1080p IPS display, backlit keyboard, 128GB NVME SSD, and great performance. But you will have to tweak it slightly to get the best performance. See more laptops: and subscribe!

00:53 – Hardware Overview
00:56 – Processor
01:01 – Storage, Internals and upgradeability
01:16 – RAM : Buy a second stick !
02:15 – Windows 10 S Mode
02:34 – Display
03:03 – Weight
03:12 – Keyboard
03:30 – Trackpad
03:35 – Hinge
03:50 – Build Quality
04:04 – Ports
04:40 – Speakers
05:07 – Battery
05:36 – YouTube
05:54 – Web Browsing
06:01 – Speedometer Test
06:44 – 3dMark RAM Comparison
07:29 – Gaming: Fortnite
07:46 – Gaming: Half Life 2
08:00 – Gaming: GTA V
08:21 – Gaming: Dolphin Emulator
08:51 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:34 – 3dMark Cloudgate Comparison
10:35 – 3dMark Stress Test / Thermals
11:00 – Fan noise
11:24 – Kodi
11:41 – Linux
12:06 – Conclusion

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41 thoughts on “Best 2019 Budget Laptop? Acer Aspire 5 with AMD Ryzen Review – A515-43-R19L

  1. For everyone not wanting to upgrade the RAM: 4 GB will work fine if you are running games like ex) the sims 4, roblox, minecraft

  2. You want good sound buy the Bose two speaker set up $ 99.00 and you have serious sound and also buy external keyboard and mouse to make live easier.

  3. you can buy a 4 GB ram for $ 15.00 bucks boosting it to 8 GB. SSD 500 is another $60.00 worth it. If you buy 16GB another $ 60.00 well worth it.

  4. I walked out with 16 GB and 500 SSD $ 428.00 bucks lmao. They are such a steal i bought two for myself and probably will buy two more as back ups.

  5. This model is widely available here in UK but some configurations don't seem to have the backlit keys. Something to be aware of and worth checking before ordering!

  6. As far as laptop review goes, this one by far made any sense at least to me… Well reviewed!
    If you could check, Acer A315-42-r58j has pretty much the same specs with this.

  7. great video, very informative. One thing that would complete the review would be hardware summary- keyboard test, weight etc.

  8. There is in fact a version of the Acer Aspire 3 (A315-42) that ships with the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U and 8GB RAM, so does the Lenovo V155.

  9. Hey is there any reason why mine is running a bit slow games like csgo cant even run at lowest settings and get a stable 30 fps

  10. Your review is one of the best I have seen on YouTube, really complete and detailed, even with the time in the description, congratulations for your awesome video!!!

  11. Hope this is not fake review wtf this is too cheap for the performance of the game and spec of the laptop thank y ou

  12. omg this is the best laptop for my budget that can run game well in csgo hope this laptop have in my country philippines

  13. Hows this laptop with linux (ubuntu, elementary OS) out of the box for office work (wps office linux) and basic media (youtube, spotify, netflix, amazon prime video) and basic browsing.

  14. Acer and Lenovo– two of the worst laptops I have every seen. Our company bought 10 of each for our conference room….only 3 worked and were so slow they were unusable.

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