Beelink U55 Windows 10 Mini PC Review

Beelink U55 mini pc review. Core i3 5005U Windows 10 mini PC with dual HDMI out, 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB SDD. Where to buy:
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29 thoughts on “Beelink U55 Windows 10 Mini PC Review

  1. Hevc:
    DO TRY the Microsoft codec for the inbuilt player!
    I did on my ryzen machine, that has roughly double the HP of the best mobile VPUs (1800 Cinebencg R15): ~ 40% cpu with on old FirePro that was on 90%!
    A 4K Sony demo HDR file on a 4K screen supporting 10 bit!
    Did look great too, very good but bit great. Open source player.

    WITH THE MSFT codec: 15% CPU, very low grafic depending.
    But mostly the HDR video was looking fantastic!!!

  2. I bought the X55 model with Pentium Silver J5005 last year after you reviewed the X45. 8gb of ddr4 ram at 2133 MHz, 128 gb of SSD. The regular price was $290 but I got it for $200. Performance-wise, I would assume X55 is superior to U55, and more efficient. It is interesting that they have a new product with a 4 year old cpu. Intel must have reduced the stock on those Pentium chips.

  3. I am a Windows guy, but in my personal experience there is no mini PC from Windows yet, that can beat the awesome mac mini..

  4. I had bought a beelink mini 3 bt pro recently.
    A nightmare. Goes in sleep, hdmi does not awake. Power on button on the back … a lot of issues.

  5. 4k video on you tube is misleading or fake. But the demo videos like gravity & other 4k videos are true to test the processor.

  6. would love to see an full usb c Port on these devices …. Power/Displayport/ Usb for example over an Monitor … reduce Cables

  7. Wonder how the new AMD APUs compare. I also like that you say whether Linux works or not, I don't use windows so it's always nice to see.

  8. 5th gen core i3 isn't really worth it even for multimedia 😂😂
    Just go to m3 or straight to i5 or i3 8th gen instead of reviewing old chips 😆

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