“Armored Train KV6” Cartoons about tanks

In this cartoons: Commander KV-88 instructed Professor Tankenstein to create a powerful railroad monster capable of defeating the Ratte Train. Let me remind you that the Ratte Train is a very powerful tank that can move by railways. This monster also has heavy armor and heavy equipment. In general, this is a very serious and powerful opponent. Commander KV88 would like to receive in his squad a new tank that exceeds the capabilities of the Ratte Train. Professor Tankenstein reassured the Commander and set to work. Soon, Tankenstein created a new amazing monster that can move on rails. The name of this new tank is the Armored Train KV-6. This name is not accidental, because as a prototype and basis for the new model was my wonderful tank KB6 model. And now the new iron monster is created and ready for trial by fire. In general, this video is for those who loves the tanks and cartoons. I hope this video will interest you and maybe you´ll enjoy it. Well, if you liked this cartoon and want to see the continuation of the testing of the Armored Train KV6, subscribe to my Valhalla Toons channel so as not to miss the sequel. And of course, thanks for watching, friends! #valhalla_toons #cartoons_about_tanks

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  1. Hi, tankist! Thumb Up if you liked this new KV-6 armored train! Write below in the comments what is you want to see in the next episode. Looks it good Ratte Train VS Armored Train KV6?

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