Apple NEW iPad (10.2″) & iPad Air Smart KeyBoard – Unboxing and Review // NOT WORTH IT!

Apple updated the budget iPad and converted the screen from 9/7 inches to 10.2 with it largely remaining identical to the previous generation. Alongside with it, the smart connector was another big upgrade for the new budget iPad now making it compatible with the already available smart keyboard that is also compatible with the 10.5″ iPad Air but is it really worth the $159 price tag when there are already enough affordable Bluetooth keyboards on the market?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Apple NEW iPad (10.2″) & iPad Air Smart KeyBoard – Unboxing and Review // NOT WORTH IT!

  1. Well, you gotta be smart. I picked up this Smart Keyboard off eBay for $45 used and it came in great shape and works great. As for the the keyboard lying flat on the table my does so that’s not an issue. I also picked up a back cover off Amazon that is compatible with the Smart Keyboard for $10.99. So for a total of $55.99 + tax I’m quite happy with my setup.

  2. Just wondering when you go on YouTube Safari (Desktop Version) do you automatically go to the video player like the iPhone?

  3. I personally own this Smart Keyboard and I don’t agree with you. It’s rather a good keyboard. I have no issue with it. By the way it’s the only keyboard you can instantly use and it’s the lightest. The only problem with it is the price : very very expensive ! I think Apple should have reduce it when the iPad 7 has been launched. I recommend to buy a second hand one like me.

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