Apocalypse Now 4K Blu-ray Review, Avengers: Endgame 3D, Dolby vs. DTS? Weekly Rundown

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29 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now 4K Blu-ray Review, Avengers: Endgame 3D, Dolby vs. DTS? Weekly Rundown

  1. Huge fan of Apocalypse Now. While this is the best version to own, I completely agree with Shane's summary. A bit soft/grainy, with some standout scenes but nothing that really warrants the amount of buzz it's getting.

  2. Haha I like how you said “remember it’s a sony so you do get some pretty impressive details”. I’ve acknowledged that Sony does good bluray transfers since a decade ago when I saw spiderman 3 and realized it was superior in quality to other blurays.

  3. Although I respectfully disagree, thanks so much for the quick review on Apocalypse Now! I really appreciated it! Look forward to seeing this channel continue to grow, Shane! All the best.

  4. This is the problem with reviews that are A/V quality only. It really sounds like Shane is recommending we buy tripe like MiB over a masterpiece like Apocalypse Now.

  5. Awesome update, thanks Shane! Just a side note, I thought it was Auro that filled the complaint against Dolby at the European Commission… but I see a press release says it was DTS, so not sure if the press robbed Auro of the credit or if I got my facts wrong… either way, a win for us… 🙂

  6. i know what you mean i gave it a 10 /10 for the effort i guess, for the sound its no godzilla for sure but for a film 40 years old worth the 10 for the effort thats what i was getting at, great use of overheads when some films dont bother, pic for me was better in parts then other parts to best its ever going to sound and look ,nice review great channel.

  7. Hey Shane! Picked up Apocalypse Now Final Cut from Apple iTunes in 4k. Nice sharp picture, and vibrant colors, the Atmos soundtrack rocked my system. I did see this movie when it came out, older guy here! It actually looked, and sounded better than I thought it would.

  8. You didn't want to review the technical aspects of one of the most technical and greatest films of all time? Why do you even review movies when you don't appreciate film?

    Photochemical film and magnetic analog tape are vastly superior to digital. 35mm film is capable of resolution greater than 6K, 70mm film is capable of resolution greater than 12K, 70mm IMAX film is capable of resolution greater than 18K, and film is capable of infinite dynamic-range – so you clearly have it backwards when you consider film to be soft with inferior color – and film grain is a beautiful natural process of light passing through carbon crystals. 2160p HDR doesn't even come close to capturing film resolution and color, and the magnetic analog tape recordings that accompany these films are the industry reference standard for highest-quality sound in the world. As good as modern digital technology is, it still severely compresses all of that analog information. The very best 4K transfers are sourced from film photography due to its superiority over digital photography, and the very best audio recordings are sourced from reel-to-reel analog tape.

    Apocalypse Now: Final Cut was meticulously and beautifully transferred to digital by industry-leading professionals, overseen by Francis Ford Coppola, and the results are phenomenal. You didn't even go into the industry-first, infrasonic ultra-low 13Hz frequency, mastered in 96kHz by Meyer Sound, Dolby Laboratories, and Skywalker Sound.

  9. I 100% agree with Brass & Shane regarding Apocalypse Now; it looks and sounds… good, sometimes very good, but not as great as everyone else makes it out to be. Glad the price was $22

  10. Thanks for the review on Apocalypse Shane. I understand how the sound is not up to par with modern mixes and the visuals are grainy and soft most of the time. I still think it is impressive that a 40 year old movie can hold up at all in 4K and still get a decent rating. Speaking of 40 year old movies lets just hope we eventually get the original Star Wars in 4K with a new immersive mix!

  11. Spot on with your rating of Apocalypse Now Shane. Blu-ray.com gave the video a 4.5/5 and the audio a 5/5. Clearly they are not comparing it against other transfers on 4K filmed in the last 20 years.

  12. Shane have you heard the news about film makers mode Tv setting to do away with motion smoothing. The directors include Martin Scorsese ,nolan, Patty Jenkins, and Ryan coogler , and they're hoping to introduce a new UHD setting for televisions for in order to preserve the original artistic visions of creative projects. The film maker mode ,Lg and pansonic , Vizio announced that they will implement it future tvs. Maybe you and taz can discuss this tonight.

  13. About using dts upmixing on dolby encoded audio,does that mean we can hope using dts virtual X with dolby atmos content through updates on existing soundbars ?

  14. yeah, I got the last Godzilla kotm 3D blu ray within a 250 mile radius according to bestbuy. Did you review 3d Godzilla? I listened to podcast. Good for when your stuck in traffic on freeway in Houston lol thanks

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