Anycubic Predator Review Part II: Prints, Changes, Pro's, Con's & Final Thoughts

This is part 2 of the Anycubic Predator video. This video covers several prints, different speeds and settings, some minor upgrades I’ve done, and some more I plan on doing. Also my final thoughts and opinions on this printer.
Thanks to Anycubic for providing me with this printer for review
And a special thanks to for providing all of the filament used in parts 1 & 2
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25 thoughts on “Anycubic Predator Review Part II: Prints, Changes, Pro's, Con's & Final Thoughts

  1. before making any decisions, I recommend to watch this video. Same printer, slightly different results.

  2. Two major cons after owning one of these for two months… 1. I'm with you on replacing the extruder- that one is crap, the teeth just chew hell out of the filament and it still slips. Replaced it with a BMG and all is beautiful now. 2. They do NOT need to send a spare hotend, they just need to build it with ONE authentic e3d v6. The clone that comes with it isn't actually a clone- it's a bad copy. It is NOT an all-metal hotend, as I discovered after I printed with nylon and it clogged the end of the Bowden tube. This hotend lets the tube go all the way through the fake "heat break" and about 6mm INTO the heat block!! Some may know, a real v6 has a heat break that keeps the Bowden tube up in the heatsink, and only filament goes into the heat block. I installed a real v6, and am now loving it… so those two things DEFINITELY need to be done, in my opinion. Oh yeah, did the TL smoothers too- big diff…
    PS- Do you by chance have a phone number for Anycubic??

  3. Great video and good information!! I’ve subscribed to your channel. The prints, zoom in’s, detail, solutions and modifications triggered me to subscribe.

    Please print something big! Like a chair, or a humanoid robot.

  4. Well …
    … i saw the second Video just 5 Hours after i ordered the Predator …
    Hmh …
    … i´m not quite sure that i would have ordered it after your second Video … 😉
    But thanks for the excellent Videos!

  5. Nice Video.

    But I do not understand why you think you couldn´t change drivers. I actually did that on my Ender 3 (also soldered A4988) and it was quite simple (exept of placing the external drivers). The A4988 is well documentated. So easy to find !EN, DIR and STEP – and actually as you said right, you should not disable steppers anyway. So trace the path of DIR and STEP on the PCB for Z1, Z2 and Z3 (labeled as X, Y and Z on the board) to the next contact going through the PCB, scrape off coating there at the back side of the PCB and solder a wire there. So altogether 6 soldering points for the 3 Z-axis'.
    Than use 3 "3D printer stepper motor drive control board / expansion board for arduino" (about 1$ at Aliexpress, f.e. and connect each of this boards to DIR and STEP signal of the controllerboard. Connect Vcc (for motors, 12/24V), Vcc for electronic (3,3/5V) and GND to the external stepper boards; on each external stepper board connect !EN permernantly to GND (as you shouln't shot off the drivers anyways). Carefurly remove the housing of the stepper connector an mount it rotated by 180° (if you want to use TMC-drivers). Adjust voltage for the TMCs.
    Actualy I demontrated the result in a short video ( sorry, german only) using the ender 3 board. Works quite well.

    Have not done it on the predator at the moment (I have other prioritary projects at the moment), but I see no reason why that would not work. You also have much more space in the housing of the predator, so it should not be a problem to place external drivers.
    Normaly e do not need a silent driver, but if you use a geared extruder and a bigger nozzle, maybe change the driver there also.

    The advantage of changing the drivers to external ones of course is you need not an other controller and another display and also you do not need to adapt firmware.

  6. Nice Video. Do somebody know what the start g-code and end g-code is for the predator, in Cura. I can't find anything about that on the internet. I did just order a Predator. Hope someone knows.

  7. I have one of these printers and I agree they are amazing and huge you mentioned a cooling duct would you be able to share this or can this be put on thingy verse many thanks and great video

  8. Bonjour merci pour cette vidéo et la précédente, je pense que tu devrais ajouter deux éléments pour les améliorer : afficher en surimpression les paramètres durant les timelapse (vitesses, infill, …) et en compléments les liens des modéles que tu imprime. merci encore à toi bonne continuation

  9. システムチェックの仕方を教えてください。説明書が読みにくいので。ドライバーとスライサーソフトウェアのインストールの仕方を教えてください。貴方の動画を翻訳で勉強しています。

  10. Thanks for this video. I just bought a Predator but it's still in the box while I'm weighing a potential move. (No sense in opening it up just to pack it back up.) I'll probably pepper you with questions once I'm ready to get it rolling.

  11. If I remember correctly you mentioned changing the board and running Marlin on this printer? If so will you do a how to video please ??

  12. This is everything I could hope for in a review. Out-of-the-box quality, ups, downs, key modifications with results, and a couple of hints for the manufacturer. I've been looking at this printer for a while but worried about how it seems to deliver well on every point except actual print quality, which is rather important. This review gets to the heart of that and shows me the dirt, but then comes back with a couple easy mods that fix the problem, giving a clear idea of both what I'm going to get and what I can turn it into. Liked, subscribed. You could use a better camera, or maybe just better lighting, for close-ups, but this is otherwise the kind of review I'd expect from someone who's making this sort of thing his job.

    Do you know anything about the confusion between the Anycubic Predator versus Anycubic D? The new ones say Predator on them, the older ones say Anycubic on them, some vendors have been selling them interchangeably, and I've heard some doubts about the QC on the older model. Any thoughts?

  13. Hi, nice review! I own an ender 3 and want to buy a second printer. I would like something with a big enough build plate to print helmets in one go. (And other armor pieced) I am trying to decide between this anycubic delta or the CR-10 range. Do you recommend one over the other? Thanks

  14. Hi, You talked about the Chitu firmware, does it need a special slicer?
    I use Slic3r on all my other printers and i was wondering if i can still can use it with this printer.
    I read something about Chitu uses a different kind of G-code and wondered if this would be a problem using Slic3r that uses "normal" G-code. Loved both of your reviews, keep us informed please. 🙂

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