Anastrozole – #1 at Managing Estrogen | Ask the Anabolic Doc Ep. 60

In this video, Dr. Thomas O’Connor discusses anastazrozole aka Arimadex, widely used by bodybuilders to control estrogen levels while using steroids, as well as by many men on prescribed TRT. Common side effects include drastically lowered HDL levels, depression, and lowered libido. Dr. O’Connor gives his opinion on who should and should not use this powerful medication.


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22 thoughts on “Anastrozole – #1 at Managing Estrogen | Ask the Anabolic Doc Ep. 60

  1. I am one of the lucky ones who took a sh1t ton of aromasin thinking my e2 was high, crashed my estro to literally 0 and i still had hdl over 40.

  2. I’ve only just started and I feel worse then ever, plus I can’t keep food down, and weight loss was almost 8 pounds in just a few weeks. I’m not taking it anymore.

  3. if you tolerate it well. i find .25mg every 5 days took the puff out. but yes its powerful shit. joints feel dry if dose is to high for me. 350 mg test prope. sust. enan eq. blend 10 years on …had low T my pregnant endo. cyponate 200 every 14 days. was shit. 45yo was 340 lb 275lbs. eat clean. 100% mental improvements sleep mood etc. was told long ago i would live in pain i should go on disability. 35yo at at the time. lol fuck that. i did my own psychical therapies. i am lucky it worked. i never come off. dumped a crazy painkiller dose. never thought id be in killer shape at this age.88 for be safe love the content keep up the great data.

  4. I have experienced exactly what the doctor says about Arimidex.. TIREDNESS ON 1/16 OF 1 MG A WEEK! UNREAL. What are my options other than micro-dosing which I cannot do? How can I lower Estrogen?

  5. Depression, low mood, I have it all on arimadex that Dr Oconner mentioned. Never heard another person talk about it. I even had a pain so bad in one knee I had to limp. I never believed it was arimadex. I had to get on an doff for 2 years to figure it out. WAS arimadex. I do have higher libido on it but too tired to do anything about it.

  6. I'm an aromatizer. Untreated total T 500 (normal low), E2 37 (normal high), that's a 14 to 1 ratio. On TRT my E2 jumps to over 70 and I bloat like a puffer fish not to mention it affects sexual function. I need 0.5mg Adex twice a week to feel normal.

  7. So if arimidex is horrible as u say and i believe you, then how do I mitigate aromatization of testosterone on a trt dose of 200mg per week. Or is this something blown out of proportion and not to be worried about?

  8. Roloxifene!! We need the facts and a doctors thoughts.
    I’m currently using it on cycle to reverse gyno. Would love the doc to cover!

  9. Heres a question do you see more success with trt with t only or t and hcg I ask as I have primary hypogonadisim and hcg won't do much for me as varicoceles ruined my balls also had 2 varicocele surgeries no success

  10. I recently went into a rant on a Q&A board where Arimidex was being touted as a weak aromatase inhibitor. Unfortunately, my login timed out and my mini Hitler esq rant was lost. I've seen Arimidex cause an estrogenic rebound when discontinued at the end of an AAS cycle. Or at least that's what it appears to be because a suicidal aromatase inhibitor seems to correct the high estrogen symptoms. I just wonder if these experiences may have led to the assumption that AI drugs are weak. Or if not, where this ignorant assumption comes from in bodybuilding. I remember when, and a lot of guys still have the attitude like Turinabol is weak because they don't turn into a skin blimp like with Dianabol. But I digress.
    Loving these videos Ron! Dr. O'Connor is an American pioneer

  11. i ve just start my pct clomid and tamoxifen. My cycle was 10 weeks test prop 300-400 mg/week, 6 weeks tren ace 300-400mg/week, 6 week mast prop 300mg/ week, proviron 50-100 mg/ed, winny oral 50-70 mg/ed (week 4 to week 8), last two weeks only test prop 300mg/week and proviron 25-100 mg/ed. I took adex 3 mg/week for two weeks. Now my e2 is tottaly crashed and shoutdown of test is severe. I feel real good but its only 1 week after last test prop shoot. I have no q just want to share my expiriance. I am 45 y old. Will inform you about recovery time. Till now i needed 4 to 6 weeks to recover, balance my e2, test on higher normal referent value. I think that i overdose adex.

  12. Ron hopefully you will put this up on your show but I took the anabolic docs advice from prior shows, my test levels were so low it was like i had my balls cut off, so I've been micro dosing my trt 1.5ccs a week on my own cause my doctor didn't want to prescribe me anything cause of my past cause i was a juicer years ago, so I'm doing a little every other day and my God Ron it changed my life just within a few weeks to a month, Ron i feel like I'm 30 years old again and I'm gonna be 48 this year lol, my mood swings are gone and i suffer from depression as well, i winged off my depression meds and I'm not having any depression issues for months now since i started the micro dosing, micro dosing worked for me, just want to say thank you to you guys and i hope others try it. Love the shows keep them coming

  13. Good content Ron but when are you going to get your audio equalization fixed? The interviewee is always coming in at higher volume than you.

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