AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Review: Odd Man Out vs. 9700K, R5 3600, & 3900X

This review of the AMD R7 3700X CPU looks at its performance versus the Intel i7-9700K, AMD R5 3600, and AMD R9 3900X.
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The AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is an 8C/16T part that runs at higher clocks than the previous generation’s R7 2700X, making for an interesting comparison versus AMD’s own predecessor. Critically, the R5 3600 also falls into territory of “good enough for gaming,” which starts putting pressure on the 3700X by AMD’s own product; that said, the 3700X does have some key advantages, like additional thread count for massive uplift in multithreaded production workloads (e.g. Blender), all shown in today’s review. These benchmarks look at the R7 3700X vs. the i7-9700K, AMD R5 3600, and AMD R9 3900X, alongside previous AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs. Our goal is to look at the best CPUs for gaming (standalone), production / workstation (standalone), and overall balance (mixed workload).
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35 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Review: Odd Man Out vs. 9700K, R5 3600, & 3900X

  1. Find our R9 3900X review here:
    And our R5 3600 review here:

  2. I don't get the AMD hype. Looks like even Zen 2 overclocked is struggling to keep up with a stock 8700k. Most people both these chips target, use their PC's primarily for web browsing and gaming. Anyone that actually needs raw multitasking performance is more than likely not even in this segment and is at least looking at an entry-level Threadripper.

    I applaud AMD for rebounding like they have and adding some competition to the CPU market which was much needed, but people acting like AMD is shitting all over Intel, and the benchmarks say otherwise. 8700k is going on 3 years old, 9900k is just a revision. Zen 2 struggling to keep up and Intel hasn't even dropped Sunny Cove yet.

  3. From what I've seen, there's still no reason to upgrade from my 1700 though. Numbers don't really tell a story, it's kind of like dick measuring at this point, especially what with the numbers being shown are saying.

  4. Was going to get the 3700 today coming from a 1700, and then it just hit me: Why?! The performance boost isn't really significant enough to justify having it at all, since there doesn't seem to be much more of a boost at all. I mostly game, edit photos and produce audio, and all I always see is game reviews for CPU performance which is annoying, but I just don't want to get caught in the numbers game anymore. All of this is just numbers, I want to see performance, not count it.

  5. This confirms that I made the right choice getting the 3700X, since I'm an "odd one out" kind of guy. I definitely play PC games and VR, but also do a ton of workstation stuff since I work from home (video editing, large spreadsheets, photo editing, etc). I definitely don't wanna pay out the butt for a 3900X, so this fits my use case and needs perfectly. 🙂 Thanks GN!

  6. you talk way too fast …. sound like an auctioneer or i just here too slow. I can understand you , but just barely. I know people enjoy shorter videos .. at least some of them. But since I am looking to pick just the right parts to build a computer, understanding is more important to me. you are way smarter than I am, but passing those smarts on to me is most important. Please, this is not a personal attack attack on you, just apersonal observation from my point of view. I can pause the screen to see the graphs.

  7. I can see where gamers nexus stand with this. I can go with the extra cost and stream, or do the same with the 3600, minus the heavy workloads that the 3700x does good with. Let's be realistic when buying a cpu though. Thanks for the informative video guys 👍

  8. Great video!!! I put my 4.2 GHz 2700x in my streaming PC (or anything workload) and got a 9700k ($299.99) at 5.0 GHz for gaming. When Ryzen can be overclocked to at least 5.0 GHz they don't stand a chance in gaming. Saw massive FPS increase (refer to video for evidence, even with SMT off). All of Intel's line up (9600k, 9700k, and 9900k) destroys Ryzens in terms of gaming.

  9. Yea, so like should I get i7 9700k? Or ryzen r5 or r7? For gaming and light multitasking. Which has most stable frametimes with low variations. This is exactly why I denied getting an i5 9600k. And between the 8700k and the 9700k which had more stable Frametime and less stutter. For now I’m clearly stating with the 9th i7 as its only 300 for me and a cheaper mid tier mobo all at a cheaper price for me.

  10. All in all, I think its pretty clear cut which chip is right for each situation.
    Gaming Only: 9700k Performance. 3600 for best value
    Production work Only: 3900X. Go with 3700X if budget constrained.
    Both Gaming & Production: 3900X.

  11. I get what he's saying, and I was thinking just that before I watched this video. The 9600k just has too little to offer for its price, and the 3700X really isn't appealing to gamers as much as a 3600 for price, or 9700k for max performance. For data processing and production, the 3900X is the choice to go, which leaves the 9900k as worse value.

  12. Huh… came wanting some validation in my plans of getting (justifying) a 3700x which seems all the rage, left feeling a 9600k OCed is a no brainer for $100 less with solidly better gaming performance across the board. Its not like my daily multi tasking / Ableton really feel different unless I'm using an i3

  13. In my country, 3700X is two thirds of the i7-9700 price, it gives around two thirds fps, which is still in 100s which is great in my opinion and on top of it, it outperforms the intel's champion in workload. Not gonna pretend I have tons of workload to do, but it is always nice to have the insurance. It is way more value imo.

  14. any way amd will support am4 socket until 2020 ..this much of performance increase ..what do you think what will happen in 2020 …i think ryzen 4060 can easily beat the 9700k ..for 10 th gen new motherboard with new socket 500 $ cpu+300$ mb.(amd only change the processor for 300 dollar)

  15. This is probably the best time to spend on high end cpu's I doubt zen3 will offer up much from its predecessor after that Its a new Socket.

  16. I purely game with discord or iTunes running in the background. I don’t edit photos or videos of any sort. Simple word docs and PowerPoints. Would you suggest the 3600 or 3700x ?

  17. Just a reminder everyone as long as you are on the AMD AM4 platform you can upgrade your CPU next year when Ryzen 4th gen comes out so you can get in now with a $200 3600 or even a $160 2600x and then upgrade to something better next year when the final AM4 Series chips the 4th Gen Ryzen series are released just saying. Can't wait to see what the 4700x has in store for us intel is dead.

  18. @Gamers Nexus You're forgetting that those who go with an AMD platform will also be able to upgrade to one of the 4th Gen Ryzen chips next year when those come out. Intel is a dead platform and Total waste of money. With AMD you could jump in now with a $200 x570 Mobo like the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) ATX Motherboard and a cheap CPU like the 3600 or even the 2600x for 200 or 150 respectively then next year upgrade to one of the top of the line 4th Gen Ryzen chips and turn around and sell the old chip to get part of your money on it back. The same cant be said for any of the Intel chips you are recommending because when intel launches its next CPU you will need to buy a new motherboard if you are hoping to upgrade. Let's see how intel's lineup handles 4th gen Ryzen at this rate.

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