3 thoughts on “ALL 7th graders in Florida must have THIS specific vaccine when school starts, or they’ll be sent ho

  1. All you adults who have been sleeping for the last several years: guess what? There is a move towards mandatory vaccination in this country. First, they are starting with the childhood vaccines. As soon as they have removed all exemptions, such as religious and personal belief exemptions, from school-children, their next step is to start mandating vaccines for adults. They will require you to get an annual flu shot in order to be allowed to fly on an airplane, renew or obtain a passport, or even to vote. If you let the government dictate forced injections into your body, the next step will be to start increasing the number of injections they will require you to have. They already have more than 200 new vaccines in the development pipeline and are conducting tests on thousands more vaccines and biological injections. If you let the government dictate vaccines, you may be forced, someday, to allow the government to inject you with dozens or even hundreds of injections of vaccines against your will. Do you really want the government to be deciding what gets injected into your body, or do you want control over your own body?

  2. Government is a threat…schools are a threat… homeschooling is best…dont let them poison your kids with shit you don't know what its even made of…

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