31 thoughts on “Ali Gatie – It’s You (Official Lyrics Video)

  1. Maire thu my life gonn hi man yuo don htr gooht veirw powm lets frow fron goo men twou let's main gti hd 69

  2. Just got new glasses and I feel like everyone mocks me cause of my new glasses and I feel so down and I always get bullied for not being tall its hurts so much

  3. This girl knows I can sing and told me she likes this artist and I must learn one of his songs what do youll she'll think if I sing this to her

  4. Im a boy and i dont listen to this kind of music but its one of my gf fav songs so thats why im here, and now i like the song too

  5. 15 likes I’ll sing to my girlfriend and I have an ex and I’m 11 no joke check my YouTube I don’t look 11 but I am😍

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