Aki plays Nobita's Resident Evil (Nobita no Biohazard) #4 | Exploring The Inn.

Well this is a nice change of scenery… kind of…

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Nobita no Biohazard (from now on nobihaza) is a parody of the Biohazard series (known in the West as Resident Evil) featuring the cast of Doraemon characters. The game was released on 2007 by aaa. Since then, many people have modified the game and spawned many mods and scenarios which not only expands the Nobihaza universe, but adds some new interesting mechanics and gameplay.

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5 thoughts on “Aki plays Nobita's Resident Evil (Nobita no Biohazard) #4 | Exploring The Inn.

  1. You can make it unable to attack by
    When it gets invisible make it turn left and right again and again easy

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