Aki plays Nobita's Resident Evil (Nobita no Biohazard) #1 | I KNEW IT!

Iconic Resident Evil scene still got me even in a non Resident Evil setting.

Have a great day, enjoy the video, and remember to stay safe!

Nobita no Biohazard (from now on nobihaza) is a parody of the Biohazard series (known in the West as Resident Evil) featuring the cast of Doraemon characters. The game was released on 2007 by aaa. Since then, many people have modified the game and spawned many mods and scenarios which not only expands the Nobihaza universe, but adds some new interesting mechanics and gameplay.

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Outro Song:
Kill Paris – Shades Of Funk


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34 thoughts on “Aki plays Nobita's Resident Evil (Nobita no Biohazard) #1 | I KNEW IT!

  1. To everybody viewing this now, if you save all the 'saveable' characters(Taro, Suneo, Gian and Seina) you will get the best ending and you will receive a special save which upon loading will look like the start of the game, with the same cut scene from the beginning but you will have a Magnum with unlimited ammo from the start. Do not let anyone die :).
    Edit: Beating the game with A or S rank under an hour will give you an infinite Launcher, beating the game with A rank or higher without using First-Aids will give you an infinite assault rifle as well.
    To get A rank, you need to save less than 6 times throughout the game.

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