3 thoughts on “Acer ConceptD 5 laptop with Kaby Lake G (Intel CPU + AMD Radeon GPU)

  1. And once again, the most annoying thing about everyone who makes videos on YouTube, is very much present here. Step back. Frame the entire unit. Let your audience get a good look at what the whole unit looks like. This video is much like the car guys. They'll zoom in on a headlight as if anyone cares to see a headlight up close. This is all the result of videographers not bothering to read even a single book on filmmaking.

    I really wanted to see how thin this ultrabook is, not just be told how thin it is. Would have been great if he would have closed it completely and aimed the lens to show us just how thin it looks. Also showing the entire laptop in the frame as mentioned above would have made for a better video. We come to YouTube not just to hear the specs but to SEE the device.

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