77g Logitech Lightspeed G305 / G304 – ULTRALIGHT Tutorial & Review

77g Logitech Lightspeed G305 / G304 – ULTRALIGHT Tutorial & Review

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– Stock Logitech G305 with alkaline AA battery – 95 grams
– lithium ion battery AA – 88 grams
– Alkaline standard AAA + aluminum foil converter – 84 gram
– lithium ion AAA + aluminum foil converter – 80 grams
– lithium ion AAA + foil + 3d printed battery cover – 77 grams
– lithium ion AAA + foil + no battery cover – 73 grams

source: https://arabsn.net

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34 thoughts on “77g Logitech Lightspeed G305 / G304 – ULTRALIGHT Tutorial & Review

  1. why does it feel like he is telling us an ultra high security clearence government secret? it must be the background music. also, is there a VHS filter on this video?

  2. I would suggest anyone that wants this mod to look for someone that has an SLA printer, or resin printer, that way you get VERY smooth parts. Layer lines are 50 microns or less on SLA, where FDM or melted plastic is 200+ microns

  3. personally, i removed the dpi button from inside. battery sticker,center mouse skate feet, (it was decentralized, and is badly applied) then i drilled some hole on the left side, the the cavity help grip a bit more. 75G with no cover ofc.

  4. hey, if you want to smooth out a 3D printed piece, look up an acetone vapor bath, it will make your plastic glass-smooth and even strengthen the component

  5. Can you show us a full printed lightweight shell?
    If something like that was available for G305 or even the G102 I would have been so happy.

  6. I decided to push the original battery spring (the main contact) a little bit and now any AAA battery fit perfectly. So there is no need to use aluminium foil. Be aware it may avoid the warranty. And I'm using a rechargeable AAA battery (NiMH) instead of the AAA lithium battery, is 2g heavier than the AAA lithium.

  7. as actually thinking of doing this. I have a G304 I'm from the Philippines. However I dont have a 3rd Printer luckily some companies here in the Philippines offer 3D printing services. I was just going 3d print the battery cover I got the template from the site you mentioned and the company sent me the dimensions (Length 71.58 mm Width 62 mm Height 25.29 mm ) I dont really know much about 3D printing. Will the dimensions they sent fit my g304?

  8. lil mistakes. it is hero 12k sensor not 16k but they dont have a lot of differences. and the bad side of a moving background is…we can see the cuts. i modelled my self a 48g g305 just to play around the ul 2 weight.https://www.reddit.com/r/mousegore/comments/cg0pzu/48g_g305_fully_functional/

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