7 Best And Worst Things About Octopath Traveler PC | Octopath Traveler PC Review

Octopath Traveler PC arrives today, dragging a 16-bit JRPG into the modern day with a striking 3D pixel style, a tremendous battle system and music you’ll be humming until your dying day. How does Octopath Traveler PC gameplay weigh up? We welcome Katharine to talk is through the best and worth bits of the game.

Rock Paper Shotgun has a written Octopath Traveler review over on the site. You can read it here: We didn’t have the time to put in 80 hours for our own video review, so invited Katharine to talk us through an Octopath Traveler PC review. These impressions cover everything from the style of the game, to the story, to the limitations of the multi-character system and the weak endgame adventure. If you’re currently looking for Octopath Traveler which character to start with, she even has guidance on that – pick someone good at fighting, as you’re stuck with them for a while. Maybe not Primrose the dancer. Rhythm can only get you so far.

As you ogle gorgeous Octopath Traveler PC gameplay, listen out for Katharine singing the praises of another killer soundtrack. Sounds like we need to add the Octopath Traveler OST to our Christmas list. (Yes, we know it’s June, but give us a break.) She also explains why the Octopath Traveler battle system is one of her favourite examples of JRPG brawling and talks about the perils of unbalanced party development when it comes to the endgame and hunting down Octopath Traveler secret boss. Of course, as Octopath Traveler Stream is out today, no doubt the community will start flooding forums with advice for decent party management.

If you’re curious about how long is Octopath Traveler, it took Katharine 80 hours to hit the end. Octopath Traveler’s length and world map is decent for the genre, though do expect some grinding to keep your party on a level footing. Of course, this is par for the course for the genre. And we do love a good JRPg here at Rock Paper Shotgun – have you watched our review of Dragon Quest 11? We show it some love here: It even made out Games of the Year for 2018, which you can enjoy here: Will Octopath Traveler PC make out GOTy list for 2019? Well, that depends if either Matthew or Alice have time to play the damn thing. So many games, so little time.

We hope you find this informal reviews chat useful. IOf you have any questions about our Octopath Traveler review, pop them in the comments – either here or on the site under the written review – and Katharine will do her best to answer them. And if you do enjoy our videos, please give them a little thumbs up and maybe toy with subscribing to Rock Paper Shotgun. We promise not to waste your time with garbage. Hopefully see you around these parts soon. Thanks for watching.

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37 thoughts on “7 Best And Worst Things About Octopath Traveler PC | Octopath Traveler PC Review

  1. The way that I’m getting around the problem of having a large level gap is I’m playing all the chapter 1s, then picking a team of 4 and getting through all of their stories, then playing through the last 4 stories with those 4 remaining character. The first 4 stories are certainly harder this way (I already played the game before all the way through to the endgame) but I suspect the last 4 will be easier due to having good gear and some of the secret jobs.

  2. Love the closed captioning. "Vodka Path Traveller". I still think the switch version is the definitive version though. This game is so perfect for on the go gaming.

  3. Great vid. I started with Therion. The grinding part was the worst but the game is amazing for its ability and beautiful music to keep me interested all the time. Finished the insane final boss. Around 140 hours of gameplay.

  4. I'm already super bored of this game unfortunately. The presentation is really nice, I like the visuals, I like the combat, I like the soundtrack, etc etc. But it falls on its face when it comes to the story and abusing your time. I've only gotten as far as completing everyone's initial chapter 1 and you know what you're rewarded with? No direction, it an indication that Chapter 2 starts are a recommended level of 23 and all of your characters range from 10 to 17. So basically you just got to grind that shit out. Some of the stories were interesting like Primrose, but others were just kind of bland an boring. And it completely breaks my immersion that none of these characters speak to each other yet for the entire duration of the early game.

    Maybe if I was infatuated with this game I would complete it and love it, but I just can't force myself to slog through its low points for the hope its going to pay off. I'd rather invest my time elsewhere which is a real bummer because this game looked promising.

  5. To avoid the grind and level up much faster, giving you a constant 100% bonus to xp and jp, as well as potentially giving you 5x bonuses or better:

    1. Unlock all 8 characters and the secondary job shrines asap (4 characters at minimum: Ophelia and Olberic are a must) Cyrus auto scans one enemy weakness at battle start and can analyze other weaknesses, making breaking shields and battles a lot faster. Therion can help steal good gear. Primrose and Tressa are good for xp/jp boosts through Donate BP and Bewildering Dance skills.

    2. If you have a dancer and a merchant, always boost the dancer's bewildering dance if they go before your big hitter for a chance at 2x, 5x, or 100x xp or jp (a 100x chance requires a 3x boost to bewildering dance, which is easier to to do if the merchant donates BP, and a passive from one of the uber-secondary jobs can start your characters with an extra BP at the start of battle, but if you boost that many times, your team could be killed or silenced by some of the negatives the dance can give you, so you'll want auto-revive passive, Encore, from the dancer for your healer and maybe anti-silence and anti-death accessories when you find them – giving the anti-silence accessory to your sorcerer/scholar so they can kill the enemies on their next turn rather than wasting a turn to cure the silence). But don't waste time constantly rolling the dice for 5x or 100x bonuses, as it's much faster to just kill the enemies on the first turn if your dancer can't go early or doesn't get a bonus. The odds for 100x bonuses are around 1/1000 anyways, and in 100 hours of play, I only had it pop 5 times, but 2x and 5x came up a lot. Don't listen to people that say to "farm" caits by running from battles until you get a cait or by constantly rerolling bewildering dance – you'll bank way more xp/jp by killing all random enemies as quickly as possible, except for the few you might want to run from if a dance doesn't go your way like if the whole team is silenced or if they're all near death and you can't finish the enemies in the next turn. I stacked speed-giving gear so my merchant was likely to go first to donate bp to the dancer, followed by my dancer with a 4x BWD, then my sorcerer to clear the battle, but speed doesn't seem to have a huge affect on who goes first. If the dance didn't give me a bonus or if my sorcerer went first, I ended the battle immediately. The forbidden bow or an alluring ribbon increases enemy encounters too – but don't get greedy if you've gone a while without a save or got lucky with a 100x bonus…get to a save if you luck out. There were times where the 4x dance did leave my team with 1 health or my dancer/healer was the only person alive thanks to the auto-revive passive, but the three enemies that acted after the dance killed them or the dancer, but it was pretty rare. You may also want the cleric's passive, Evil Ward, that makes fleeing battle a guarantee.

    3. Next complete Olberic and Ophelia's 4 chapters as soon as possible, which unlocks side quests related to them, which will unlock accessories that give 50% more xp and jp for the whole team.

    4. Unlock the uber-secondary jobs located near the fourth chapter towns for Olberic and Ophelia, which have passive skills to boost xp and jp gain by another 50%.

  6. If you want to get rich and buy those absurdly expensive gear, keep Tressa on your party all the time, give her the thief secondary job and she will also be a great resource battery during battles

  7. 80 hours is long?! Who here remembers when RPG players used to seek out games specifically for their 99+ hours of play???

  8. It's $58 CAD on steam rn and that's a decent price but a tad to much still. Knowing Square Enix, they'll probably make a monthly subscription for this game for future content.

  9. PC is the only platform you should be playing Octopath Traveler on, 4k max settings, option for minor tweaks like making the game run in 144 fps and removing the depth of field.

  10. Starting as Primrose isn't that bad, her first story is meant to be soloed like all the rest. Then just go grab Cyrus and you turn on EZ Mode for the rest of the game. I picked Prim as my first char and used her for the whole game as I really liked her. Prim is actually one of the stronger characters in the game if you play her correctly; you need to utilize her Charm to have idiots that will fight for you. The only character I ever considered to be kinda bad was Therion. His story is okay but he takes so long to ever be remotely useful outside of stealing stuff out of combat, which granted is super useful when you pull it off.

  11. Been debating on picking up for PC but I dont know if I want to spend another 90 hours. Now it's a great game and it reminds me of classic PS1 JRPGs but theres sooo many games to knock out. Mods would be a nice addition.

  12. Please, say! How its possible to store 8 different character stories in mind? They dont allow to pass story of each character separately 🙁

  13. Octopath Traveler is one of the best games I’ve ever played! The “secret” ending really gave me a challenge which I really loved even though it was frustratingly difficult at times.

  14. The game looks good and all but paying 60 bucks for a snes quality rpg? Best is 40 bucks and quicky go down to 20 bucks and later 6 bucks or run it on emulator

  15. For $90 (AUD), I can't justify buying this game honestly. It's insanely overpriced, and should cost no more then $20 – $30.

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