3d Rudder VR | PSVR Controller Review

Controllers are a vital element of games that we all can take for granted. VR is still building its profile and ‘finding its feet’. The new 3d rudder is the evolving step in giving us what we need.
Be sure to enjoy the intro that highlights the dangers or exuberant VR gaming and standing while playing 😉
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12 thoughts on “3d Rudder VR | PSVR Controller Review

  1. I have the PSVR 3drudder and very much like it.The only problem I have is not having the ground gripper (hopefully available soon) so the rudder slides about a lot

  2. I'm a little confused, when you were scrolling through the supported games it had a number of games that arent even available for ps4, such as fallout vr, portal 2 and forza?

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