3D Origami small minion 1 tutorial | DIY paper small minion

3D origami small minion tutorial step by step.

This is a video about how to make 3d origami minion , for this 3d origami minion model I use normal colored printer paper 80 g/sm and the format of paper is european A4 (210/297mm)

This 3d origami small minion model is made from 13 black pieces , 62 yellow pieces and 36 blue pieces , small 3d origami pieces made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 64/A4(3,6cm-2.7cm)

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This 3d origami model is created and folded by Campean Petru Razvan. All rights reserved.

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28 thoughts on “3D Origami small minion 1 tutorial | DIY paper small minion

  1. I tried to make the base of the origami figure but the pieces don't close each others and I don't know why. I mean in the minute 3:27

  2. Buna Răzvan. Tocmai ce l.am terminat si pe acest minion. I-am facut pe amândoi. Sunt tare drăguți. Am de gand sa mai fac o pereche. Ai acest dar si iti multumesc ca il împărtășești cu noi.

  3. Hi Rasvan, with the rainbow vase could i alternate between 3 colours instead of 6 because i wanted to to use black, grey and white would it work.
    P.s. i love your work check my instagram for when i have made it and you can see what it looks like. @bsumner_origami

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