20 thoughts on “2020 Best Action Adventure Movies – New Fantasy Films Full Length

  1. As usual facts are used in movies or they are no facts at all. Some facts in this movies looks like disinformation. Feeding the unconscious mind with lies such as the story of Planet X that returns every 3600 years, told by Zecharia Sitchin. A fraude who was in no way an expert in ancient languages. A high degree freemason who was know among scholar as a potential disinformation agent. There's no planet or star that returns every somewhat thousand of years with catastrophic consequence for humanity as proposed in this movie and even by Sitchin. As a story it was a good story. Slow beginning but good ending but somehow a little disappointing. A huge UFO above a temple is asking for a longer movie. It made me hungry for more but it stopped abruptly. I love the science_fiction genre. Aliens do exist. Who are we to insist that only us on a little planet among billions of planets in our galaxy alone, hold only life. Are we that pretentious or are we just brainwashed to believe it is so? Why are there so many sightings? Why did I see a coupe of them and one was huge. Why is there so much traffic around our planet at night recorded by night vision cameras? So much poof about the present in the past on earth and even in our presence.

  2. First you must know the Truth. The Truth will set you free. The Truth will enlighten your mind. The light of Truth exposes all things. Believe in the Messiah Yeshua HaMashia. He IS the Way, the Truth and the Light of Life.

  3. 1:28:50 – "Help has arrived", only it won't be from aliens, it will be from the Spirit of Jesus Christ, as predicted in the Bible 2000 years ago.

  4. This perfect example of ”If it looks too good to be true it's not true”
    Money was ridiculous. Should have been her red flag right there

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