2019 iPhone 11: New Features & Design!

Today we are checking out the NEW 2019 iPhone models that Apple will be releasing later this year!

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22 thoughts on “2019 iPhone 11: New Features & Design!

  1. This guy is "super excited" over incremental upgrades and a very ugly camera design? There's no innovation here. Every feature he mentions is already on other devices.

    I saw an ad on hulu about face i.d. the other day. I can't believe apple is still milking this feature. It's time to move on apple.

  2. talk less show the phone more

    ur clones r literally js settin there n i clicked ur video jst to see how the camera looks dude

  3. I have AT&T iPhone XS Max and note 9 Verizon… I always gotten every iPhone. The iPhone 11 I question is Safari going to be faster??? what big improvements will it have???? It’s like I’m wondering should I shell out another $1500

  4. All good and fine, but did Apple give Siri a hearing aid with this model?? Tired of clearly saying, “call Mom” and hearing something completely unrelated like, “calling Benihana’s”. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #NOOOOOOOO

  5. I’m holding out for 2020. I just picked up a new iPhone XR on sale at Best Buy for 600 dollars so that should hold me over till then

  6. Bigger chip, additional camera, same boring design. WOW what an innovation. This phone sucks ass! Still have iPhone 7 due to lack of Apple coming out with a better phone. I’m about ready to jump to Samsung! They have a better product right now.

    FYI: this video is soooo long! You’re wasting my time, learn to get to the point!

  7. Hmm like right now I have iPhone 8 Plus but now apple is not the best smartphone because on first place is Samsung then HUAWEI and only then apple so I really wish I get HUAWEI hehe 😂

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