2019 iPad mini 5 – Artist review

2019 iPad mini 5 – Artist review
Artist opinion and test drawing of the new iPad mini 2019. Here I unbox and create a test sketch with Apple Pencil to see how the iPad mini compares to the iPad Pro drawing experience. Can the iPad mini be your main iPad device for art? Can an iPad be a replacement for your sketchbook?
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42 thoughts on “2019 iPad mini 5 – Artist review

  1. Great review James! Is there any chance you can tell me if I can use Duet in order to use Zbrush with it? I see people do it with the ipad pro only, but this is the first Ipad mini with a pencil and I can't find any info.

  2. I enjoy more than I think my iPad Mini 5 .. I now carry it everywhere thanks to these 5 points:
    – Size
    – Weight
    – Jack
    – Cellular
    – Great screen

    And on its Bezels, it actually makes it practical to hold in real life

  3. Literally iPad Mini 2019 is a 7.9" iPad Air 2019. Pretty nice. It gives the same from an artist perspective, but more portable.

  4. I can’t afford an iPad Pro right now… Was thinking about using iPad Mini instead… It’s much cheaper and I think it will suit me since I am a beginner in digital art… Thank you so much for your review !

  5. For Apple Pencil users, I've found an actual charging cable on Amazon. Far more convenient than that adapter plug that comes with the pencil or sticking it into your iPad: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B072XBBF7D

  6. for some reason, you sound like a Jonny Ives that can draw haha so there's an "official" quality to this tutorial. great vid!

  7. Can you please tell me, does iPad mini 5 draw vector art or it have to procreate apps? Please check the comment and let me know.

  8. this is so hard because the ipad 18’ version has a bigger screen & is basically the same price if you get the higher gb.
    but the mini is very convenient & as someone who does art for stickers & pins on my phone the screen size isn’t a dealbreaker.
    so 😐 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. How does palm rejection work on this device? Is palm rejection controlled within the iPad, or does the first-gen Apple Pencil take care of that for you?

  10. Im a big android users but since android tablets pretty much suck, i went for a ipad 6th gen with the pencil and man o man what do i love this thing. Even with only 2gb of ram it is still so damn fast.

  11. Would this be a good choice for professional drawing? I'm looking for something better than my wacom one, and that has a screen, but I can't be on a pc all the time to get a huion and cintiq, and the Ipad pro 11 is too expensive for me.

  12. Thank you for your review of the iPad Mini 5, James. I have a 12.9" iPad Pro that I love, but it's too cumbersome to bring around on a daily basis and it draws more attention than a smaller sketchbook. I've been waiting patiently for Apple to update the Mini and to see what that update would look like. I'm interested in getting one to use as a portable sketchbook and journal. I'm glad to see that it now supports the first gen Apple Pencil. I love mine. It looks the Mini 5 handles Procreate rather well, at least for sketching. Have you tested it with larger files or any other drawing or art programs?

  13. Sold me on this size. I was gonna spend $100 more on the air 3 but honestly the portability of it and the quality of your sketch made my decision final. Thank you

  14. Thanks for your thoughts on the new iPad mini.

    I have an old 2012 iPad Air as my only iPad, and have always had an eye on the iPad mini but have been waiting for a refresh.

    Now that time has come, I’ve been critically comparing the current lineup and considering if the iPad mini truly is the way to go. (I doubt my wife will let me buy more than one – so I have to pick only one for now. :^)

    I have been comparing the new iPad mini vs. the old iPad Pro 10.5 inch vs. the new iPad Air.

    Currently my youngest of my children is using the old iPad Air to watch anime/cartoons.

    My oldest girl – 11, likes to draw – and normally is making character sketches during her free time.

    So I’m thinking I could buy an iPad that we could both use – she could use it for drawing, and I could use it for internet browsing when she is not using it, or after her bedtime.

    I figured if I was going for the bigger iPad, I should get the iPad Pro due to the ProMotion support- however you made some good points about portability.

    I normally don’t take my old iPad Air outside because it feels like it would be more prone to getting damaged and is just not super portable.

    Maybe it sounds obvious to say this, but it seems that, buying an iPad mini is like buying an iPad with the added function of being truly portable. So that’s cool.

    I think the fundamental question is, “Is portability more important than a bigger screen size – even when using it for drawing ?”

    (I think you’ve presented the possibility that yes – it can be, or at least there is definitely a valid use case for an iPad mini- in sketching “on the go”.)

    So, despite the lack of ProMotion -considering my daughter is sketching (and the smaller size might still be suitable for her child hands) I’m thinking the iPad mini is the way to go.

    Anyone, just kind of thinking out loud here.

    Maybe when she get’s older and wants to draw with a bigger canvas it will be a good reason to upgrade that aging iPad Air, to be used as the new “home” iPad.

    Thanks again for your thoughts – it has helped bring some clarity to this tough decision!

    I am curious to hear your thoughts on it as, as an artist, as you continue to use it.

  15. I need an iPad, or anything to use for digital art. A screen to work on. I’m so close to choosing this iPad mini 5. I’d love to get the iPad pro, but for something for its price, it doesn’t look so bad. Gorgeous sketch!! ❤︎💕❤︎💕❤︎

  16. Thanks for the solid and thorough review. I'm in the apparel graphics industry (lots of vector art) and I've been trying to figure out if something like this can be a solid supplement (if not a complete replacement) to a desktop for working remote or on the go.

  17. Nice to hear your thoughts and watch you create something on this little tablet. I'm new to digital art but I've been sketching into an A5-sized sketchbook for years. The Mini is just about the same size, so I don't think that will be an issue for me. I might invest in a matte screen protector because I've heard it better simulates the feel of sketching on real paper.

  18. Hi James… I don't usually comment on videos, but now that Apple have annoyed me by releasing something I had always wanted but now can't afford and your reviews are very thorough (and you're from the UK like me), do you think this is worth getting over; say, an iPad pro 10.5 (2017)? I am currently paying instalments on one (until the end of this year, so I can't back out) and I'm kinda bitter that an iPad Mini "Pro" (calling it that because of the pencil support) exists as I love the size of the device. Would you say I am in reality better off with the Pro 10.5 anyway or would you say the Mini offers any improvement over it? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  19. I’m an iPad Pro user for most of my stuff these days. As a photographer, i draw out any concepts before I start fleshing them out and ordering resources etc. Normally, when inspiration hits i’ll just write down a few words in Evernote on my phone. Anything that helps me get that idea back in my head when I’m at the iPad at home. The 12.9 just isn’t really practical for travel. I took it once on the train to London and vowed never again. I’ve been waiting for this iPad mini just so I have a device to always have with me. If that chip,and ram can handle Procreate and infinity photo, I’m pretty much set. I’ve got the top pro model, but I’ll probably just get the cheap mini – especially as I need to get the gen 1 pencil too. Also, an adapter for my usb c ssd…. suddenly not so cheap.

  20. I've been told by best buy that this tablet is not good for art students do you think they're right? I'm in school for game design which is 3D based but I'm looking to get an ipad to take anywhere to sketch concept art ideas. The pros are great but i don't think I'll ever use that much power atm.

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