2019 IPad Air 3 – An Artist review

2019 IPad Air 3 – An Artist review
Here I give an artist test review drawing and opinion and try to help people to figure out which iPad is best for different types of artists. Now that they all are compatible with an Apple Pencil, the decision which to buy is even more complicated and so I try to help to work through the differences.
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20 thoughts on “2019 IPad Air 3 – An Artist review

  1. Is it true that the ipad pro 2018 it bends? feels more cheaper in the hand than the ipad air 3? Idk I want to buy the pro or the air but I dont want to waste more money knowing the pro has that failure

  2. I bought this one and tried it the day I got it. The apple pencil is amazing. I spent $700 for the Air (64GB) + Pencil. The 6th gen (128GB) + pencil is priced at $660 here in Philippines while the 11' pro (64GB) + pencil is $1200, for 12' pro its $1450.

    I am happy with my iPad Air. First apple product. 🙂

    Thank you for the reviews. Helped me a lot. 🙂

  3. I was wondering how it is if you draw in split view or with an app open next to procreate as you draw maybe that would be too small?

  4. Hey James. I'm planning to buy an iPad for drawing, and thinking between iPad Air 3 and Ipad Pro 2017. I want to focus on pretty high level manga arts. My question is, is there really no notable difference between 60Hz and 120Hz for pencil use? Cause if there isn't, then i would go with the Air.

  5. Is the ipad pro 11” better or the ipad air 2019? I wanna buy the latter cuz its cheaper, but i literally find no speedpaints or artists using the ipad air. They all use the ipad pro 11” or 12.9”. Is the ipad pro 11” really better for drawing, or is this just a popular buy for artists rather than the ipad air 2019?

  6. This was a very helpful video! I have the means to get the newest ipad pro but I am only going to be using it for art and I think you made a great argument for this and so I am going to go with this one!

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