2019 iMac 4K Review – Base Model

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2019 iMac 4K Review – Base Model

A few weeks ago, Apple announced an updated 4K iMac with a much needed spec bump. The base model that we’re reviewing now has an i3 Quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD at 5400RPM, and a Radeon Pro 555X with 2GB of VRAM. But is it worth picking up the base model iMac, or should you look at a different model? We’ll tell you all about it and what you should pick up.
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22 Responses

  1. Bobby Dukes says:

    2019 and it still can’t run Crysis 💩😂

  2. Alan Cane says:

    Hi whats the USB hub that you have here?

  3. michael sorokin says:

    I hope everyone complaining about the hard drive knows that it’s a Fusion drive which is part SSD and part regular hard drive, so even though it’s 5400, it seems much faster because the regularly used files are stored automatically on the SSD by the computer.

  4. The IceKing Gamer says:

    You know this is not base model?
    The base model has a dual core i3, 8gb ram, 5400 rpm had (😔) and integrated graphics.

  5. Brandon Coles says:

    Where can I get the wallpaper?

  6. Arrow Lyrics says:

    Are you going give 1499 to that iMac

  7. Mihael Stojanović says:

    what is rmp? can I do gaming like gta and overwatch on it

  8. Corgany Lothar says:

    5400rpm HDD in 2019! Apple is just making a joke out of them selfs

  9. Mr Rea says:

    So this model it’s not for gaming?

  10. A Series of Pencil. Pencil Originals. says:

    i3, is that a joke 1499?¿

  11. Psytrance Love says:

    subscribed thank you for the video.

  12. Dime says:

    I have a question.. can you watch a YouTube videos at 4K ??

  13. Basti on GS says:

    How works Lightroom on this mac?

  14. CC YYO says:

    Costco is amazing! They got me a 1499 imac for LESS that this one at 1199

  15. FLBT says:

    How significantly does the 5400 rpm affect the daily use and opening and use of apps?

  16. Praduyt Sen says:

    Would you recommend this for a programmer?

  17. Mikolaj Tuzimek says:

    I have the same one expect a Fusion Drive sooooo

  18. plexx va says:

    Got my iMac from Amazon highly recommend if you are in the market for one https://amzn.to/2I9gMJ3

  19. Derek Fz says:

    I just bought this computer. It’s my first iMac and I love it. I haven’t owned a computer for over 10 years so I don’t know much about this hard drive debacle but it seems to work fine for me.

  20. Karl Karl says:

    Do,you think you Coups just Plug an external thunderbolt ssd into it And Boot from that ?

  21. Potrvlb says:

    I wonder if I can buy all those recommended upgrades for the 1499.00 version for my 21” iMac I bought in 2012? My hard drive crashed and shows a file on the screen and I broke the front glass but, I wonder if it’s worth saving it and upgrading the parts? I wonder if it’s possible? Or, simply turn it in and spend the 1300.00 for a completely new machine?

  22. MsMimireilly says:

    It really ticks me off that they make you pay more for a SSD. I had the same iMac for 10 years and just upgraded to the 21.5" i5 6-core 1TB Fusion drive but I'm exchanging for the 27" with SSD, then I can also upgrade my own RAM. I'd probably be better upgrading some parts in my 2008 model and call it good. This is a painful upgrade for me

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