2018 iPad vs iPad Mini 5

2018 iPad vs iPad Mini 5 – Hello all and welcome to this video comparison between the 2018 iPad and 2019 iPad Mini 5th generation! In this video I attempt to help you decide which device is going to be the better pick for you. The 2018 Apple iPad features a 9.7 inch retina display, Apple A10 fusion chip, and 2GB of ram with Apple pencil support. The 2019 Apple iPad Mini 5 features the Apple A12 Bionic chip and 3GB of ram with Apple pencil support. If you have either one of these iPads or both please consider sharing your experience with the community to help people out deciding on which to buy!
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35 thoughts on “2018 iPad vs iPad Mini 5

  1. the ipad 2018 uses the old iphone 7 2016 a10 chipset
    while ipad mini 5 uses the beast iphone xs max a12 chipset that is definitely more powerful specially in high graphic games

  2. I purchased ipad 201i last year
    And mini last week.
    If u love big screen go for ipad 2018
    But mini is much more powerful
    A12 Processor
    More Ram more rom
    Better true tone coloe no air gaps.
    Mini is compact n light weight 1 hand typing n holding is possible.
    If u are gamer Mini is a beast with 2.84 ghz processor .
    More updates available.
    Antutu benchmark of my ipad is 199845. Mini score is 347097.
    More value for money is mini but yes if budget is less and only educational use n making note is priority then ipad is worth.. Otherwise mini is much more crisp compact light powerful true color tone better display with no gaps faster n beast for gamers.. 😊

  3. I’ve ordered the iPad Mini 256 GB and will have it tomorrow, monday. I have an iPad Pro 11’’ , 256 GB too. But since my desease I have to be a lot on my bed and the Pro is heavy to hold. The mini is only 300 gr. And I think I’m gonna like it.

  4. How's the reading experience on the mini?
    Is it noticeably bigger and better than average phones?
    Or would ipad be a better device for reading?

  5. iPad mini makes 2018 iPad nearly obsolete. Better Display, processor, easier to charge, more compact, extra 32gigs, 50% more ram, better value, laminated display, better front camera and going to last longer than the 2018 ipad. Only aspect 2018 iPad is better is screen size

  6. If you have got money, after that lightning A12 and obvious beautiful display get the Mini 5. Whereas you are into that big display, watching a lots of Netflix and taking notes with ease save 70$ and get the 6th gen.

    My sister got 2018 and I am saving up for Mini 5.

  7. Thanks for not bringing the Ipad Pro into the mix, most every time the heading says IPAD 2018/19 the reviewer brings some comparison about the PRO-ugh!!!

  8. Just picked up a 2018 iPad 6 as an upgrade from my ancient 2012 iPad 3 (first retina iPad, worst model in history)
    Jumping from an A5X to an A10, shaving off 28% of the weight, getting thinner bezels, and gaining Apple Pencil support, all for $225 in 2019 (compared to the $600 my now unusably-slow iPad 3 cost me back in 2012). Adding the Apple Pencil ($100), Apple Pencil Case ($30), and iPad Smart Cover ($40) brought the total to $395, less than a 2019 iPad mini by itself with nothing included

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