23 thoughts on “£20 Capsule Hotel in Vietnam – living in a SPACESHIP in Ho Chi Minh!!!

  1. That capsule hotel sure offers a lot of amenities. Heck, it even has a small slide in the pool for the young adventuring family with children. I like the rooftop bar where you can bring your own drink. Again, for that price, seems like a great deal.

  2. Last time I was in HCM I stayed in a capsule hotel as well, but not as nice as this one. The capsule I stayed in was 140k vnd or 6USD per night, for 1 person only so it's only suitable for lone travelers but it's really cheap. And it's in the middle of District one, right on Bui Vien street too.

  3. They’ve set the bar high for capsule hotels and many hotels! Stayed at a place recently that was 4-5x as much with less amenities.

  4. Another entertaining and informative video. I was unaware they had capsule hotels in Viet Nam but then why not as they are popular in Asia especially Japan.

  5. This sure ups the standard for capsule hotels! I have always thought it would seem claustrophobic but this one seems really cool.

  6. It's truly like a spaceship 🚀3.2.1 & lift off Dabble & Travel good luck 😉 & keep on Dabblin in outer space 👽😂😍

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