26 thoughts on “2 CDJ-800MK2 & DJM-400 connected Traktor with timecode.wmv

  1. its a nice setup but dont turn people on and screw up give the setup too wht sound card, traktor midi settings.. or esle u r just a teaser….lol

  2. The laptop "pushes" everything, the cdj timecode signal is given to the computer and the computer will "push" the song according to the timecode signal, you need an audio interface to have 2 ins and 2 out, 2 timecode in and 2 audio out, and into your mixer to effect and change the sound from the computer, you do have to use timecode CDs if your cdjs have no other way to connect to a computer. hope this helps

  3. i dont get it….what are laptops for? because people always seem to use usb stick/cd with cdjs…how can you make them run the music off your laptop??do you have to use timecode cds? if so how do you connect all the stuff(mixer, cdjs und laptop)

  4. can you answer me these two qestions as i have same setup!
    1: can you scroll throught the tracks on traktor using the cdj800 rather than using mouse?
    2: Does your tempo work on cdj800 when connected to Tracktor? mine dosent colloaberate with the one on the screen!!

  5. Hey! How is this working, do you enjoy it? It seams like a cool combination, I am trying to buy the soundcard so I am interested how timecode works:)

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