22 thoughts on “🕐NCT 127 24hr RELAY CAM|시간 정하기

  1. 8:12 , I’ll just leave it here for those who want to rewatch the iconic “Ya!” Line…. no need to thank me

  2. Porque no aprueban los sub español rapido /: este grupo sus videos son interesantes/graciosos lol

  3. When haechan said Overwatch and league of legends🥵Those are my two favorite games that I didn’t know my bias played🤭

  4. 12분 36초에서 해찬이가 오빠 방송중이잖아~ 할 때 오빠는 해찬이 자신을 가리키는 말이니까 영자막 Honey, 라고 나오는 부분은 오역으로 보입니다. 그냥 Oppa라던가 다른 말로 바꾸셔야 할 것 같아여! ㅎㅎ

  5. Is it just me or did you notice how TY called JH as Jaehyun-ssi twice? I am not really that familiar with Korean honorifics but isnt that the way you call someone you're not personally close with? Can you enlighten me please? I mean I don't want to be negative and all but they have been so distant really and they can't even look at each other anymore. Well I am just worried bcos I admire their friendship even since trainee days. I hope everything is okay between them.

  6. Yuta: who's sitting next to haechan?
    Haechan: I don't know

    This two won't last a day without teasing mark really. Hahaha

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