【ENG SUB】《八分钟的温暖 Just an Encore》EP18——主演:陈汛,丁禹兮,姜卓君,朱丹妮


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36 thoughts on “【ENG SUB】《八分钟的温暖 Just an Encore》EP18——主演:陈汛,丁禹兮,姜卓君,朱丹妮

  1. So cute, Yan Ze admitted to HXL that her brain is fairly blank. Also when HXL got frustrated that Yan Ze still couldn’t understand after explaining 4 times, Yan Ze scolded him back & insisted that he has to make her understand! LOL and he gave in. Their true, frank conversations speak volumes except when it comes to HXL’s feelings for her while Yan Ze is clueless about her feelings for him at this stage.

  2. I really like the idea of Yan Ze and Xi Liang to be together as they are very comfortable around each other and most importantly happy , but I am concerned about the fact how the story will develop. Ji xiao and Yan ze have something between them . Even though Yan Ze didnt confess straightly to him you can understand that she has something with him . During all the drama she was after Ji Xiao and after she got him , she understands that Xi Liang is the one. Its like a roller coaster of feelings. Things will start becoming awkward when she and Xi Liang open up to each other and decide to be together. What is going to happen to Ji Xiao ? What about his friendship with Xi Liang ? I really don't want anybody anymore to feel sad. Xi liang deserves to be happy more than anyone in this drama but Ji xiao needs to be happy too. I knkw that he isn't as opened up as Xi liang is but hey he was couragous enough to break his shell and tell Yan ze that he likes her , also hi tries hard to make her happy despite the fact that these things are not in his type
    I really like 2 boys very much. I know that Xi Liang will be with Yaz ze at the end , I feel it but I also hope Ji xiao will eventually accept it without unnecessary dramas occuring and I really hope he will find another girl who will be suitable for his type because Yan Ze isn't. I just don't want Xi Liang to be sad anymore and also don't want Ji xiao to and up in an agony just because of Yan Ze.

  3. He Xin Liang didn’t tell Yanza that it was him who went and got her bag, and got hurt in the process he lied 🤥 too her

  4. oh…oh…jixiao found out that yanze is being tutored by xinliang and he is upset about it…yanze feels more at ease with xinliang than jixiao because jixiao is too tense and uptight…he is too serious in everything and has no sense of humour..yanze likes to laugh and joke and has simple taste…

  5. why is xin liang always giving way for ji xiao? can't he just admit that he likes yan ze? i can't bare to see xin liang being sad because of ji xiao

  6. I like this drama, but for me the character of zhou an is a bit obsessive.. and ji xiao is only thinking bout himself .. i dont like the fact he set a date last time without asking yanze .. i'm xinliang yanze shipper 😙😙😙😙😙😙

  7. Oh damn it! WTF with this ending? My heart can’t take it. My poor baby is sad and suffering. I’m so pissed and frustrated right now. My ship keeps sinking and sinking. I see no light at the end of the tunnel for my ship. 💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭

  8. at first i really shipped ji xiao and yan ze but seeing how shes so much more comfortable with xin liang i want them to be together already :'''''') ugh my heartt

  9. I feel bad for Ji Xiao and Xin Liang equally but I really want Yan Ze to end up with Xin Liang!!!!
    I just feel like she can be herself around him and can't around Ji Xiao!!

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