⭐ Best Note-Taking Tablet For Mobility – iPad Mini 5 + Apple Pencil

iPad Mini 5 + Apple Pencil is the Best Note-Taking Tablet For Mobility. I explain exactly why! Get iPad Mini 5 here: 📲Get PaperLike here:
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27 thoughts on “⭐ Best Note-Taking Tablet For Mobility – iPad Mini 5 + Apple Pencil

  1. Do you use the iPad Mini 5 already? Let us know your experience! If you don't own it but want one, you can get it here https://geni.us/AmazoniPadMini5 and if you are looking for the PaperLike link, it is here: https://geni.us/GetPaperLike

  2. I think the iPad mini is just valid for short notes. I could not use it all day in my lecture. Specially if you want use multi window its to small to work properly. The iPad mini is in first case for media consumption
    (for me)
    Great video as always!

  3. I think, the iPad 2018 is better in general! It is big enough for Notes, but not too big for good mobility! The Screen is about as big as a DIN A5 Paper! AND it's the cheapest one! 👍👍👍

  4. I'd like to be able to have pre-created texts that I can maintain perhaps on a Word Doc or whatever is equivalent on the mini and copy/paste them into FB messenger. Is it possible to do this with the iPad mini? What would you recommend as a small Bluetooth keyboard with the mini?

  5. Hey, thanks for the video!
    I've been using the Mini for a week now and I am so in love with it 😀 I made an unboxing video, where you can see one great case – it's from Ztotop, bought it on Amazon. I's a full case, BUT, it has a Apple pencil holder and there is a strap for you hand that works very similarly to this ring! Only downside is it ads some bulk and weight.. but hey, I prefer it to the Smart Cover I bought as well just because of the protection and Pencil holder. Really great case and stylish too.
    The other option is to buy a smart cover and magnetic apple pencil holder 🙂

  6. Hi Tom, you can try a magnetic sleeve for the Apple Pencil that makes it easy to attach it to the side or back of the iPad. I bought one from Amazon by ‘FRTMA’ and it seems to work well.

  7. Hi Tom… A case may be difficult with the ring. They make adhesive pen loops, I have used them and they work very well. Thanks for the ipad mini video. I'm thinking of going that route as a digital notepad.

  8. The iPad mini 5 has brought back a pleasure I had forgotten for quite some times already, that is the pleasure to read books again. I am not really a notes taker. I use my mini to draw and edit videos on the go (Procreate and LumaFusion are a must have apps if you are into creative stuff). The form factor of the iPad mini is just divine. It follows me just about everywhere (I never had that same need with other tablets I owned in the past) Along with the device, I use a SANDISK iXpand 128 GB flash drive, where I can store all my pics, music, documents, ebooks and videos, which is very practical and helps to keep my iPad mini clean and light. Apart from the Smartcover to protect the front, I have placed a D-Brand skin at the back. I am so excited about iPadOS coming soon, I really believe this is going to be a game changer in the iPads territory. Since I am not ready to purchase a new MBP that soon, at least not until Apple get their sh*t together eventually and produce a complete trustworthy MBP generation/refresh/redesign, the iPad mini helps me to foresee, to a certain extend, what it will be like to to own an iPad Pro, which will definitely be my next purchase, because I think thats a safe and exciting way to go, away from Apple's incoherent moves these past 3 years.

  9. Check out Poetic Lumos case (on eBay?) with integrated apple pencil holder. You could cut a hole in the back to fit the ring.
    Poetic Lumos add very little bulk with soft plastic case and thin cover.
    I bought it for my iPad 9,7" and I'm quite happy with it. The only annoyance is that front cover is made of soft finish that shows scratches

  10. Hi Tom,
    Great video with the iPad mini last edition !
    Confess I did not know about shortcuts … good idea.
    I keep using my iPad Pro 10.5 with the indispensable paper like cover (size not far from iPad mini)
    I use the expensive lather sleeve from Apple to store and carry it with a place for the pencil.
    Unfortunately I am not a user of Digital Journal … i need to sync my notes and appointements with the PC world and simply use the calendar or Google Keep.
    Keep your passion and have fun always

  11. How about this Tom? This is what I’m thinking of getting when I get my iPad mini. https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HMZX2/otterbox-symmetry-series-case-for-ipad-mini-5th-generation?fnode=37

  12. I’ve spent enough money replacing cracked screens in the past, I’ll only ever go Otterbox. I see they have two case options for the iPad mini 5 that has holders for the pencil.

  13. Hi Tom, this might be a good apple pencil holder option for the ipad mini. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H8DYNGF/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_5mRbDbA4BPY4X

  14. Hey Tom! i'm using the new Ipad mini 5 with the TomToc Sleeve (nice texture inside to protect everything, and has a zip slot in front to carry the Apple Pencil, it will also work with the ring), and the Armor-x case to protect my Ipad, this case also has a strap on the back that u can use in place of the ring, and you can also buy a lot of stand on the armor-x website that work perfectly with the case. Armor-x case can go inside the TomToc Sleeve, and you can carry the strap attached to the case, or inside the sleeve in the zip with the pencil), hope u find that useful 😉 have a good one

  15. Thanks Tom, but I stick to my iPad Pro 11'' and wait for iPadOS to make my next move.
    Will iPadOS benefit our paperless community more then ever?
    No iPad Mini, but hope one day I can use my pencil 2 on my iPhone Xs (same size as an iPad Mini LOL)


  16. Hi Tom, very interesting video! I own an iPad mini 5 since it came out and thanks to your videos about note taking app I could chose the right one for me, which suits perfectly my needs (at the moments, we’ll see in the future! 🤣). About the cover, I didn’t want to spend lots of money on the original one, so I went for third parts covers. I have tried a bunch starting from the cheapest up to a (bit) more expensive one. The cover I’m using now has also the slot for the Apple Pencil, which is very useful: I tried the option to have a separate Pencil case, but I noticed that you won’t use it so often because you have to take it out and as the iPad mini is so small that you can really use everywhere the separate pencil case is not a good option. The quality of this cover seems to me very good, I’m so happy with that, the only thing is that it comes in just black and grey (in my country). 😊

  17. Thank you for this. I have been waiting for a note taking video with the iPad mini 5. I have iPad Pro myself but recently bought a Mini 5 for my father.
    Learnt some very useful tips regarding short cuts.
    You are my go to when it comes to tips for note taking apps.

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