⭐ Best iPad Pro 2018 Case With Apple Pencil Holder And Keyboard

Get ZUGU Case here:
Get UAG Scout Case here:
Get UAG Metropolis Case here:
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Video Content:
02:13 – Start UAG Metropolis Review
03:26 – Comparison with Logitech Slim Folio
04:48 – Positions of UAG Metropolis
07:45 – Pencil Holder Comparison with ZUGU Case
09:15 – Start UAG Scout Review (with Apple Keyboard Folio integration)
13:55 – Weight comparison
15:18 – Conclusion and Recommendation

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30 thoughts on “⭐ Best iPad Pro 2018 Case With Apple Pencil Holder And Keyboard

  1. One drawback of Zugu is when it's on stand the inside front panel micro fibre touches the surface..so it gets dirty, picks up dirt and when u close it the dust particles can cause scratches in the screen

  2. Im super new to your channel, and to the ipad market hence why I found you. But I recently purchased an ipad pro 10.5 inch with a smart keyboard and I dont feel it has enough protection. Are there any other cases with the smart keyboard integration that you know of?

  3. I just got the Zugu case – after trying many… it's fantastic. BIG usb-port opening for my hub (some cases didn't allow it), the magnets are strong and supportive.. great for making beats, pencil is easy to access but doesn't drop off, the fit isn't crazy tight, still ight enough to hold in hand… everything… everything.. is perfect. the only thing I want is magnet that keeps the flap back when holding in hand… otherwise, PERFECT 10.

  4. Here are my thoughts on this, sorry for the length of this post. When you are paying $1200 or more Canadian dollars for a premium tablet like the 12.9 3rd generation iPad Pro, I think people are crazy not to protect it. Apple is wonderful at making minimalistic products like the Apple Folio Keyboard, however if you drop it or something falls on it your expensive investment is very likely going to be damaged. I love Apple products but when it comes to accessories they do not make protecting your device a priority. Their solution is to buy Apple Care for another high price and not to worry. If you are going to have your 12.9 iPad Pro primarily sitting on a desk and never taking it anywhere then you are probably okay with the Apple Folio Keyboard, if however you are taking it to work everyday or are someone constantly on the go then you need to protect it with a better case. Decent bluetooth keyboards are fairly inexpensive and most are a better typing experience then the keyboard case combos. In my opinion you are better off buying a Zugucase for protection and portability and a portable bluetooth keyboard. Maybe buy a couple bluetooth keyboards and leave one at home and one at the office and connect as required. It’s still likely a cheaper option then the Apple Folio Keyboard case. I own the 12.9 iPad Pro with the Zugucase Muse which I truly believe is the best iPad case currently on the market. When I am on the go I am currently using the Logitech KeysToGo keyboard which is a little small but is spill proof and as portable as it gets. I don’t have boatloads of cash to blow on devices and I’d like to get 4 or 5 years of good use out of this iPad, so protecting my expensive tech investments is top priority. UAG I believe have now released 3 different cases for the iPad Pro. None of them are cheaper then the Zugucase, and none are anywhere near as good either. Not bashing UAG, I currently have and love their Monarch case on my iPhone but their iPad cases are not that well designed for the amount they cost. Have a good day.

  5. I have found that the Scout Case by UAG works very well with the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 together with the apple keyboard. It’s worth thing. Great videos!!!

  6. Hi Tom, I have never been a big Apple fan outside of my iPhone but I do own a 2018 iPad Pro and first-generation iPencil. Sadly I have to admit that I don't use it very often, I don't feel like it is comfortable to use 12.9" and am curious what you think about the smaller size iPads and the new iPencil 2.

  7. The Zulu case was my favorite because of the various positions for slanting the screen. However, I now use the Logitech case because it has better corner protection and a built-in keyboard.

  8. I don't know how to describe the steps but I could get a lower angle by rotating the iPad 180 degrees from the default 3 angles stand. If you place it right then it seems like it will stay still in the position that I tried.

    I've wondered why the flip cover can be folded in half and I think the reason for it is to make it possible for this lower angle position placement. Once you rotated your iPad 180 degrees where your apple pencil dock is facing below, you angle the flip cover right angle (with the magnetic latch facing towards you) to support the top of the iPad. The bottom side of the case is rubbery enough to keep it stable. It'll probably even work with the magnetic latch facing away from you. I just had my iPad and this UAG case for a few days so others can try it and provide feedback.

  9. Is it possible the flap for the pen would hold the iPad at that position you said would be best for writing? Maybe if the flap is folded up and under where the iPad will sit would it hold it that way. I don’t know if I’m making sense with my description but I know what I’m trying to say. LOL

  10. The backside of UAG case is removable but to put it back again will require huge amount of force that might ended up bending your iPad.

  11. The only problem is that apple folio keyboard allows you to use iPad like a tablet, while these cases witch keyboard doesn't.

  12. Tom, I liked your cool, soft and calm behavior. I guess now you are trying to appeal to younger audiences. But I don't think hitting and smashing the products is the way to go.

  13. I'm glad I got Zugu case because of your review. The multiple angles makes a big difference. Got the folding 'best iPad' keyboard, but don't use it due to limited keys. Will probably get a wireless Mac keyboard.

  14. I don’t suppose it would be too much to ask Apple to make a decent case for the price they charge that has the protection built-in would it?

  15. hi Tom, to be able to use the UAG Metropolis in much lower angle (30 degrees) specially for drawing, reverse the cover side so that the pencil holder side will be at the bottom and the cover will be in a right angle on top to support it.

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